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From editing to shoots: just get Maasive
Move away from slow and expensive agencies and unreliable freelancer marketplaces and start working with world-class video creatives for agile video production.

From a helping hand to a fully-stacked team, Maasive lets you decide the support you want so you get exactly the video services you need, and none that you don't.
What is MaaS?
Hassle-free video production for ambitious personas
Modular and agile
Use your subscription hours for any configuration of video services from pre- to post-production to get everything you need and nothing you don’t.
Video products that perform
Access channel expertise for the right type of video, optimized to meet your objectives across platforms.
Scalable and cost-effective
From editing footage to weekly shoots, our video specialists can scale your video production to grow alongside your strategy.
Find the right video style to match your objective
Scripted Digital Ads
Polished and scripted video with a clear focus on the product, its features or a story around the people who use it.
  • Product videos shot in a studio
  • Commercial ad shots on location
  • Everything in between
Creator-Led Style
First-person, straight to camera that will feel authentic on social platforms. Think:
  • UGC-style content
  • Product unboxing
  • Built-for-social
  • B2B thought leadership
Documentary Style
Authentic brand stories told using real people and voices. We're talking:
  • Customer testimonials
  • Leadership interviews
  • Ambassador conversations
  • Event videos
Full character animations or typography combined with stock footage. Stuff like:
  • Product explainers
  • Animated Demos
  • Data Visualisations
From editing to shoots: just get Maasive
Move away from slow and expensive agencies and unreliable freelancer marketplaces and start working with world-class video creatives for agile video production..
What is MaaS?


Modular services to full-scale production
  • Brand social audit and creative immersion session
  • Social media strategy
  • Platform optimization planning
  • Insight-inspired creative concepts that speak to your brand
  • Scripting and storyboards
  • Creative treatment
  • Project planning, timelines and management
  • Film crew specialized talent
  • Live stream of the director's screen
  • Creative treatment
  • Big or small, scalable to your needs
  • Video editing optimized by platform
  • Voice-overs, subtitles & translations
  • Animation & motion design
  • Audio (SFX & mastering & raw video files)

our services

Video content tailored for every objective
The design process can be complex. We've built the DesignOps tech you need, so your teams can work together, plan creative campaigns, request design execution, share files with stakeholders and track progress closely.
What is MaaS?
Brand marketing videos
Brand video production for brand-awareness exercises or commercial ads that increase your exposure.
Product videos
Production support for your product videos for product launches, training enablement or showcasing new features.
UGC-style video
Capitalize on the power of user-generated style content without a full-scale influencer strategy.
Video ad services
Level up your performance marketing strategy with video advertising production and editing support for social media and other digital channels.
Customer testimonials
Showcase your social proof with video testimonials and other customer video content.
Social media video
Step up your video production with consistent, on brand video content built for social..
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